About Motherland

With 30 years of experience and expertise in high end furniture manufacture, Motherland was inspired to develop new ranges of contemporary, urban furniture and décor with a touch of Africa in every stylish piece. Moreover, every solid wood creation will stand the test of time as only perfectly crafted solid wood can. In an industry sector plagued by cheap imports and badly crafted furniture, the idea of furniture being beautiful, made locally and being affordable was seemingly impossible. Here’s where the Motherland brains trust went into overdrive.  Our philosophy is that a combination of expertise, quality materials and cutting edge design will set a new benchmark in the South African furniture market – one where true African quality and style are rediscovered and celebrated in a modern, ghetto-fabulous kind of way. Our furniture as well as décor creations and choices will arouse a feeling of pride and confidence in our Motherland to carve its niche by adding the African stamp to home décor and stylish living.

Motherland is passionate about harnessing local skill and talent.  Our mission is to challenge social injustices and to empower South Africans. Izandla Ziyagezana is Motherland’s way of extending our special brand of Ubuntu to local artists. Talented men and women from every corner of the country are invited to produce original artworks for the Motherland brand that, when replicated, will find their way into everyone’s homes and we return a royalty to the artists, while giving them the opportunity to make a name for themselves in the mass market. This spirit of Ubuntu is in our DNA.

Until today, pine timber has been treated in mundane ways and downgraded by market forces due to its oversupply and the perception that imported hard woods are superior. In fact, pine timber is not only a sustainable local resource professionally grown that creates jobs, but also has real potential to substantially reduce demand for timber harvested from ecologically critical forests. The team at the Motherland manufacturing facility has pioneered a myriad of interesting and beautiful finishes that impart a luxe quality to each furniture piece. Through applying contemporary colours and contrasts, we make this underrated timber come alive in new exciting ways.

Motherland furniture owes its distinctive looks to its specialised finishing techniques. All our finishing products are water-based, non-toxic, fire retardant and environmentally friendly, making them safe for use by operators and kind to the water-table. With durability in mind, Motherland has formulated finishing systems that are washable, UV stabilized, as well as alcohol and stain resistant. Our high-traffic, semi-matt sealant is current, classy and understated. Moreover, it’s highly resistant to scratching.