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About our Solid Wood badge Solid Wood

We’ve put a badge on all our Motherland solid wood originals to guarantee you that our furniture creations are crafted from superior solid wood. Therefore, you can rest assured that your Motherland furniture is crafted from authentic solid wood and not inferior wood which appears to be the norm in the furniture market. We guarantee that Motherland furniture will stand the test of time. Our mission is to conserve the rich African soil which produces our highly sought after solid wood creations. In our efforts to conserve the planet we have opted to manufacture with raw pine and Rhino Wood.

We pride ourselves in sourcing locally produced raw pine that is harvested from sustainable forests. We manufacture with pine timber as pine trees grow rapidly, thus each harvest is quickly replaced with new growth, meaning that there is less impact on our environment. Moreover, pine has remarkable benefits.  While other timbers may shrink or swell due to humidity and high temperatures in South Africa, pine always retains its original shape.

Motherland uses mostly clear grade pine which has a knot free appearance on both the faces and edges of the timber. This is a high grade timber which is free of imperfections. We also manufacture with semi-clear grade pine which has one clear face as well as allowance of knots on the second face and edges of the timber in accordance to grading rules and quantify allowance defects. Motherland raw pine adds a rustic element to furniture which brings life to any living space. The combination of natural patterns and grains in raw pine timber result in beautiful authentic furniture pieces.

In addition, Motherland manufactures its outdoor furniture with Rhino Wood. Don’t be alarmed as the thought of Rhino Wood may seem to have connotations linked to Rhino board which is something totally different. Rhino Wood is pine that has had a specialised type of process applied to the timber, that through a unique treatment process, has the dimensional stability and physical properties of a hard wood, making it a far superior product to its original form. The timber is first thermally treated by heating to high temperatures for hours or even days. This process renders the wood more stable and less susceptible to damp and resulting fungi. An Impregnation Process is then applied  which is a modification at a microscopic level. Through a pressure process, the voids within the cells of the wood are filled and this increases the wood’s hardness and further decreases susceptibility to moisture. Rest assured, zero-toxicity makes Rhino Wood unique to other treated timber products that use oils and dangerous chemicals alien to the wood.

For more information on Rhino Wood, please visit their website at www.rhinowood.co.za